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Love Cycles Women’s Racing Support Team Tee


We made these shirts in support of Jeremiah, who was injured badly on June 9th at the Race of Gentleman in New Jersey. He was competing in a vintage motorcycle exhibition while riding his 1946 knucklehead, Bumblebee.
His body was badly bruised and muscles torn, his right hand went through the rear sprocket and it removed the middle finger, but doctors were able to reattach it. He lost partial vision in his right eye from the head trauma he experienced.
He is on the mend now, but it will be a long recovery. He is on mandatory time-off for the next 12 weeks and will have physical therapy to focus on.
Both of these images were taken by friends that were at the event just before the wreck.
Be part of the Love Cycles Racing Support Team wherever you are in the world.
All proceeds will go to help support the Armenta family during this time that he is unable to work.
We have women's and men's sizes. The women’s tees are fitted. The tees are 100% cotton.
Thanks again for all the support.
Mucho Love